The end is near…Reese and Kirsten wore the same dress three years apart…whatever shall we do?

I love Hollywood…only in a town built upon the superficial and trivial can a scandal arise over two actresses wearing the same couture dress three years apart.

It seems Reese Witherspoon (right) wore the same Chanel dress to this year’s Golden Globes ceremony that Kirsten Dunst (below) wore to Golden Globes after-parties in 2003, resulting in “damage control” from both the Witherspoon and Chanel camps.

Osama bin Laden just threated the USA again…New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area are still trying to rebuild and recover from Hurricane Katrina…and, according to The Onion, the U.S. government is going out of business.

But none of that matters in Hollywood…where two women wearing the same dress three years apart equals a disaster of Southeast Asian tsunami proportions.

I haven’t been this “passionately apathetic” about something since the world-shattering Kate Moss scandal.

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