Revisiting my old podcast, Technology and the Arts…

My friend John LeMasney and I have resurrected our old Technology and the Arts podcast (the original series ran from December 2006 to December 2008) as a Google+ Hangout that was broadcast live (please excuse the technical glitches at the start) and then archived on YouTube. The first of these video conversations is below.

We’ll likely do one of these a week or every two weeks, depending on availability. However, I’ll still be doing the Tandem With The Random podcast, which will return soon after Labor Day weekend. Enjoy…

Technology and the Arts redux

And below is the video John and I are watching near the 8:00 mark of the video above…it was an “intro” video I made at around 5 a.m. yesterday featuring our old theme music. I thought viewers would be able to see it, but that wasn’t the case. But I’ve included it here so you can see what we were reacting to…

Technology and the Arts “Intro” Video (w/ theme music)

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