Like the song says, “Time takes over”

All this looking back at my music “career” that I have been doing lately made realize something…I’m getting old.

I was watching the full TMC + The New Generation video and our performance of “Time Takes Over” came on. Now, TTO was the first, complete song I ever wrote (and, yes, Christian Beach is responsible for the “shoe” sound that was added around 1990). I recorded the earliest version of it on my own in October 1988, and brought it to TMC+TNG shortly thereafter.

When I started thinking about when I wrote TTO, it hit me…THAT WAS 17 FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO. The song is just as old now as I was when I wrote the darn thing.

Man, that is depressing.

Time Takes Over (7.1 MB)

P.S. I lied when I said a few days ago that I would stop posting new TMC+TNG videos…there is a new one up on my .Mac site. The clip titled “Domination…right!” shows me a) forgetting the words to a song I wrote, and b) pulling out the microphone cable with my foot…I wouldn’t exactly call that a “dominating” performance.