NASA does something right…

NASA’s Deep Impact probe strikes comet Tempel 1 (NASA/JPL photo)

…and gets sued for it.

During the early hours of July 4, the “impactor” component of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Deep Impact space probe successfully crashed into comet Tempel 1 approximately 1.83 million miles away from Earth. It was a tremendous accomplishment for the recently oft-plagued space program as the impact created a crater on the surface of Tempel 1 as well as a dust cloud that will be researched for galactic “building block” material.

So what does NASA get for this achievement? A frivolous lawsuit from a Russian astrologer claiming that the cosmic collision “ruins the natural balance of forces in the universe.” Hence, Marina Bai is suing NASA for $300 million (8.7 million rubles) — the approximate cost of the mission — for “moral suffering.”

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