The Kate Moss scandal: Who the #%*! cares?

I keep seeing these headlines on major news sites (CNN, Yahoo! News, etc.) about — GASP! — Kate Moss being caught doing cocaine. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that a rail-thin supermodel — one dating a rock star who is a notorious drug addict — would be doing drugs…completely unheard of!

I wasn’t reading the stories associated with those headlines because a) I didn’t care, and b) they weren’t going to tell me anything I didn’t already assume.

But then I see this headline today on the Yahoo! home page: Naomi Campbell defends Kate Moss.

Are you kidding me? Now we have headlines about one supermodel defending another…great…just great.

Ugh…I think I am just pissed because that story pushed the article about the death of actor/comedian Don Adams, aka Maxwell “Agent 86” Smart off Yahoo’s home page. “Get Smart” was one of the best comedy TV series of all time…and it’s still funnier than a lot of crap on TV now.