Genesis reuniting? Kate Bush makes comeback

Well, after an Eagles loss to the Redskins on Sunday Night Football, it was nice to read these musical items on the news wires:

Genesis reunion closer to reality?
I came across this Reuters story on Phil Collins being open to a Genesis reunion. I was about to post this news to a Peter Gabriel-related site I moderate on and saw that somebody had beat me to it.

However, that post had a link to even more exciting developments regarding a Genesis reunion that would bring Peter Gabriel (vocals), Phil Collins (drums, vocals), Steve Hackett (guitars), Mike Rutherford (bass, guitars), and Tony Banks (keyboards) together again.

A Genesis reunion tour would absolutely rock! I hope this happens.

New Kate Bush release
Kate Bush is releasing a double CD entitled “Aerial” this week — her first new set of music since 1993’s “The Red Shoes.” I was just thinking recently that I would love to hear some new Kate Bush…and now it’s here. The first single, “King of the Mountain,” from the new set is now available for download on iTunes.


One thought on “Genesis reuniting? Kate Bush makes comeback

  1. Wow! A Genesis reunion tour. It most likely won’t occur until like 2012, but we waited this long.

    I just downloaded the Kate Bush single. She sounds as great as ever!

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