Hello from Music City

Well, I am in my room at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville and just thought I would say hello. As I often do, I took some pics of the view outside my windows. I think this may be the first hotel room I have stayed in that as windows facing more than one way. Because I am at the end of the hallway, I have a view towards downtown (first pic below) and of Vanderbilt University (second pic below) across the street.

I don’t think I have ever been able to see two different directions from a hotel room before…then again, I don’t really travel much. And when I do, I’m usually not staying at a Loews…it’s more like Low, as in low-priced.

For as much money as this place charges, you would think Loews could put better signs up at the front entrance. It took me three tries to find the right driveway–and even then I wound up going the wrong way for about 100 feet. During one of my attempts, I noticed a small club around the corner that said “25 Adrian Belew” on the marquee. I can only assume that means Adrian Belew played there on March 25…that stinks because I would have loved to have seen that show.

Who is Adrian Belew? He is an experimental guitarist mostly known for his work with King Crimson, but he has worked with a number of artists, including Talking Heads, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos and — I just found out — Ben Folds and WIlliam Shatner on Shatner’s Folds-produced “Has Been” album.

Adrian Belew on Wikipedia

Anyway, here are the two crappy pics from my hotel room. I’m going to see what’s around here and then try to see some bluegrass at the Grand Ole Opry.