Phillie Phanatic…

…at Rider!

Yeah, so Rider University is holding its Alumni Reunion this weekend and the Phillie Phanatic paid a visit for an hour during a welcome reception this evening. My job was to serve as the Phanatic’s escort and to make sure he and “his friend” had everything they needed, especially water.

Apparently, though, part of my duties involved the Phanatic throwing a wrapped strawberry shortcake ice cream bar at me and hitting me square in the nuts with it. Thankfully, he didn’t throw it that hard…and it was half-melted ice cream so it didn’t do much damage. I’m just grateful it was wrapped and didn’t explode on impact.

But the Phanatic was great, as usual…the best damn mascot in sports!

The pic above was taken with my cell phone so I could send a mobile post. Here are some more pics taken with my digital camera (the first one is me with the Phanatic)…

And a movie