A whole new way to watch a ballgame

I was going to head out to the Jersey Shore last night so I could stay at my parents’ place and go on a bike ride today. Well, I’m still heading out there today for a bike ride, but my plans last night were changed by a phone call from my friend Jimmy.

Jimmy has a pretty good job that every now and then gives him access to tickets in the second row of Citizens Bank Park…RIGHT behind home plate. Well, just before 5 p.m. yesterday, Jimmy calls and asks if I want to go sit in these Diamond Club seats to watch the Phillies play the Pirates…and post-game fireworks! Now, he has offered me chances to go before, but for one reason or another I could never make it. This time, though, I was all in.

The photo above was taken from my seat, which, by the way, is wider than the normal seats with padding and extra leg room. And there is also a cup holder and small tray between each pair of seats to hold the food and beverages you can get by placing orders with the servers that wait on you hand and foot. So Jimmy wound up giving me a very cool day-after birthday gift. Thanks, Jimmy.

Of course, he may have totally ruined any future trips to the ballpark for me. I mean, I can just see myself at a game up in the terrace level and waiting for somebody to bring me my food and drink before realizing, “Oh crap…I have to get it myself? What is up with that? And why is the field SOOOO far away? Ugh.”

It was amazing standing at my seat at a Major League Baseball game and actually hearing the “Star-Spangled Banner” come out of the singer’s mouth before hearing it echo through the ballpark’s public address system.

Granted, the Phillies lost 3-2, but what else is new? The good thing, though, was that the game was over in about 2 1/2 hours and the fireworks were over by 10:09 p.m., so at least it was an early night. By the way, the fireworks were great, as usual…except for the choice of music. What the heck does Kelly Clarkson have to do with either baseball or patriotism…or even good music?

(Sorry, Musar girls…just don’t get the whole K.C. thing.)

Anyway, here are more pics from the game…