Ben Folds…78th greatest artist of all time!

Well, at least that’s where Ben Folds came in on WXPN’s 885 Greatest Artists of All Time countdown, as voted on by its listeners.

The countdown has been going on since Monday, Oct. 9, and has featured a full spectrum of musical artists ranging from Mozart to Muddy Waters to Black Sabbath. XPN is the greatest radio station ever and the fact that it played songs from each of these artists speaks of the diversity of music played on the station.

Granted, I don’t think I have ever heard No. 693 Kelly Clarkson on XPN…and probably never will again (and that is a VERY good thing). But what other radio station these days plays “Supper’s Ready” by Genesis (a track that runs more than 20 minutes)? And I can tell you that “Supper’s Ready” was being played on XPN when I got into my car after work a couple of months ago.

Check out the list by clicking the link above…good stuff!


One thought on “Ben Folds…78th greatest artist of all time!

  1. don’t hate on kelly clarkson
    i love me some kelly clarkson

    lizzie musar came up for the weekend
    we saw “the nightmare before christmas” in 3d
    3d glasses have come a long way since the 80s

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