“Vortex” is up for Best Piano/Keyboard Performance on TalentTrove.com!

Click to visit TalentTrove.com
Click to visit TalentTrove.com

As I posted yesterday, I recently learned of an online talent community called TalentTrove.com, which holds a series of talent contests among its members. The site just finished accepting submissions for Best Piano/Keyboard Performance and I managed to submit a reworked techno song from my past called “Vortex.” It’s not really what I am into these days, but of all the songs I have written and recorded over the years, “Vortex” seemed to best capture the spirit of this particular contest.

Anyway, I am happy to report that “Vortex” is indeed one of four nominees for Best Piano/Keyboard Performance on TalentTrove.com.

TalentTrove.com – Best Piano/Keyboard Performance Voting

I would love for my friends to support me in this endeavor, especially since the prize is $100. However, in order to vote, you need to be a member of TalentTrove.com, so there is a level of commitment involved.

But since so many of my friends are talented artists who could probably benefit from the tools provided by TalentTrove.com, such as media uploads and social networking features, I think you might wind up enjoying the site.

In any case, I really hope you enjoy the song. If you go the extra step to vote for me, I want you to know your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

And thank you to TalentTrove.com for this opportunity!

Oh, if you want to take a listen to “Vortex,” just use the embedded player below or visit the song’s page on my TalentTrove.com profile.

“Vortex (2009)” – Brian Kelley

Source: Tandem with the Random


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  1. This contest sounds great! I also saw that they are having a guitar contest sponsored by Michael Kelly Guitars and 1st prize is an electric guitar. You should enter that too if you play.

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