24 years of Peter Gabriel fandom: “Come Talk to Me” (1994)

Here is part 3 of this week’s 5-part series of Peter Gabriel videos marking my 24th year as a PG fan. One of the great concert events of the 1990s was Peter Gabriel’s “Secret World Live” tour (1993-94) in support of his CD, “Us.” Today’s video is the set-opening “Come Talk to Me” from that tour, featuring a then-unknown Paula Cole, who was still about two years away from success with her album “This Fire” (with “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” and “I Don’t Want to Wait”). PG gave Cole her big break when he hired her to fill the female vocalist spot for this tour.

Peter Gabriel – “Come Talk to Me” (Secret World Live, 1994)


2 thoughts on “24 years of Peter Gabriel fandom: “Come Talk to Me” (1994)

  1. i almost killed myself at this tour’s stop in DC
    but taking a tumble down the steps of the arena
    luckily i had friends with quick reflexes

    i just saw the secret world DVD at the library
    once i get settled i’ll pick it up

    are you going to include something from the mid 2000s
    when we saw PG with what could have been the worst audio ever at the continental airlines arena?
    what a miserable set up that was

    1. Something from 2003’s Growing Up Live tour is coming up here in a few minutes…but it’s a video of a much older song…and includes a bike!

      Also, the video is a bit subpar so it kind of captures that craptacularness of the Continental Airlines Arena concert experience.

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