GarageBand for iPhone – Experiment #2

"Form of Life" on GarageBand for iPhone
"Form of Life" on GarageBand for iPhone

The other night/day, I recorded another song using GarageBand on my iPhone, this time with vocals. “Form of Life” is a prog-rock sort of thing I started writing back in the 80s. I never constructed a bridge so it’s basically just verse-chorus with a bit of an intro at the front, which made it easier to record on the iPhone. Somehow,  I remembered the lyrics to the chorus and the few I had written for the verses, but I did quickly write some new words.

The vocals were recorded using the iPhone’s built-in mic and I then added some effects to them. But the key thing here is that this entire recording was done on the iPhone, which is amazing to me. The fact that someone can record a decent-sounding, complete song with instrumentation and vocals with something that fits in your hand is absolutely mind-boggling…and very cool.

Also, while the lyrics allude to hunting activities, this song is not anti-hunting or anti-sportsman. It’s really against any kind of senseless killing of human beings, which I guess would exclude warfare, law enforcement or self-defense.

Anyway, here’s the song