Artist to Watch: Dent May

Dent May - Do Things CD cover
Dent May - Do Things

I first learned of Oxford, Miss.-based singer/songwriter/musician Dent May when I heard the song “Eastover Wivez”—a bonus track on his 2009 release, The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (released under the name of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele)—on satellite radio a couple of years ago.

It was one of those tracks that grabbed me within seconds. There was a quirky pop quality to it that reminded me of the 80s, yet it also had this hip, lounge music vibe going on. I don’t know…all I knew is that I loved it and downloaded it as soon as I could from iTunes.

While the rest of that CD did feature the ukulele prominently and was quite good, “Eastover Wivez”—with its heavy use of synthesizers and drum machine—continued to be my favorite track from that disc.

In the years since I discovered “Eastover Wivez,” I have followed May on Twitter and Facebook, and I am pleased to report that he appears to have a really sweet follow-up album, Do Things, coming out June 12 via the web site of his label, Paw Tracks.

The three tracks below from the new album sound like candy to my ears, building upon the sonic sweetness of “Eastover Wivez” (which later was released with the title “Eastover Wives” along with a new mix, arrangement and orchestration as a B-side to the single “That Feeling”…see the video below for that version). I’m really looking forward to hearing more of what seems destined to be THE album of the summer…well, for me at least, anyway.

May is currently on tour in support of Do Things, so I encourage you to check him out if you like what you hear below.

Dent May – “Best Friend” (Official Video)

Dent May – “Home Groan”

Dent May – “Fun” (Album Version)

And here’s the song that ignited my interest in Dent May’s music, “Eastover Wives.” Although this isn’t quite the version I heard a couple of years ago on satellite radio, it’s still incredibly catchy and awesome…