Yet another report on the status of the TWTR podcast

As I have mentioned previously here, I have been doing a series of weekly Google+ Hangouts with my friend (and TWTR Episode 001 guest) John LeMasney that have essentially become a reboot of our 2006-2008 podcast, Technology and the Arts.

In the meantime, I’ve reached out to a few potential TWTR podcast guests…and have so far come up empty on all of those requests.

So, here’s the deal…it was mostly decided today that Technology and the Arts will conclude after a 10-week run in late October. John will be doing other themed Hangouts and we’ll probably come back with another 10-episode run of Technology and the Arts at some point in 2013.

Now that I know the scheduling plan for Technology and the Arts, I’ve decided to use the rest of the year to focus on relaunching Tandem With The Random as a seasonal podcast in January 2013. I plan on refining the show format to appeal to a specific audience group and making sure I have plenty of interviews scheduled/recorded in advance.

What does this all mean? At this point, I should be bringing the Tandem With The Random podcast back on January 7, 2013, and posting a new episode every two weeks until June 17, 2013. At that point, I’ll wrap up the TWTR podcast for the year and likely reconnect with John to start a new 10-week series of Technology and the Arts webcasts. Then, I’ll restart TWTR in January 2014…and repeat.

That could all change, obviously, but that’s my current plan. And I’ll still be posting to the Tandem With The Random Facebook and Twitter accounts in the interim.

In the meantime, feel free to join me over at Technology and the Arts…and follow us at: