Artist to Watch: Eastburn

Clint Eastburn has kept very busy lately producing catchy, electro-pop goodness—as he says—”in an attic off South Street” in Philly.

Recording simply as Eastburn, the songwriter/musician/producer released a five-song EP called Good Morning on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud profiles in 2012. He has received positive buzz from Philadelphia Weekly’s “On the Record” column and PW’s Make Major Moves blog, as well as the Independent Blog

He is currently posting new music on the first Tuesday of each month to Soundcloud and Bandcamp. One of these recent singles, “Clark Gable,” can be heard in the Feb. 11 edition of the podcast.

Eastburn, who recently did an interview with Tandem With The Random that you’ll be able to hear in the Feb. 25 podcast, said he plans to release a full-length album this summer and play some live shows.

But while you’re waiting for new music from Eastburn, get to know his work by visiting his Soundcloud page or by listening via the audio player below:

Eastburn @ Soundcloud

You can also follow Eastburn on Tumblr and Twitter, and like him on Facebook.