Show Notes for TWTR Podcast 033 – Johnsville Centrifuge (05.07.2014)

Original Gondola (1952-1964) - Johnsville Centrifuge
Original Gondola (1952-1964) – Johnsville Centrifuge

Tandem With The Random podcast No. 33 (05/07/2014): Johnsville Centrifuge – This episode of the podcast features the story of Naval Air Development Center, Johnsville, and the Johnsville Centrifuge, which was used to train all of the United States’ early astronauts. Mike Maguire, president of the Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum, and Sam Cravero, current owner of the centrifuge building, are interviewed…plus a few random thoughts. File size: 6.5 MB. Time: 28 min., 00 sec. Host: Brian Kelley.

Links related to NADC Johnsville/Johnsville Centrifuge:

  • Johnsville Centrifuge and Science Museum – web site
    • JCSM Annual Gala – The museum’s annual gala/dinner takes place this Saturday, May 10, and features retired NASA astronaut and U.S. Navy Captain (retired) Christopher J. Ferguson, pilot of STS-115 and commander of STS-126 as well as STS-135—the last-ever space shuttle mission!
  • The Fuge – Event venue where the Johnsville Centrifuge is located.


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