Yet another podcast status update (finally)

Last year, I went about challenging myself physically with a series of athletic events — a 10-mile run, a half marathon, and a pair of triathlons (a sprint and an international). This year’s challenges have been all about becoming a father for the second time back in March and — with my wife — adapting to life and work with a 3-year old and newborn sons. Honestly, the triathlons and the long-distance races were much easier.

So things had to be omitted from life and one of things was this podcast. I just didn’t have the time to track down guests and write and record and edit, etc.

In early July, I was thinking about repackaging some old interviews into new podcasts, just to ease back into it and see where I could fit it in. Of course, just as I decided that, I broke my left hand in the clumsiest of ways (I tripped going up the stairs in my house and slammed by hand into the trim of the moulding that goes up our stairwell). Now, when time is at a premium, EVERYTHING is taking me so much longer…so even less time for podcasting.

But something happened in the podcasting world in recent days that I feel I need to discuss — and I’ve interviewed the podcaster involved a couple of times in the nine years I’ve been doing this, so I’ll share those chats again.

Even though the podcast in question is out there, the creator has asked listeners not to share any spoilers until August 7, so I’ll try to put the podcast up next Monday, August 10.