More TMC + The New Generation memories

Well, I came across another classic comedy moment of the comprehensive video history of TMC + The New Generation…

…we were playing a show at the ol’ Green Parrot Rock Club in Neptune, NJ, and — as usual — we had a sequencer malfunction. Well, actually, this was more a BK brain cramp…as you will see in the video, we were starting a song called “Stop the Violence!” (featuring a few notes borrowed from the “Hawaii Five-0” theme) and after Christian played some samples and TMC yelled “Stop,” I was supposed to step on a foot switch and start the sequencer to play the background tracks of the song.

One problem…I forgot to switch songs on my Kawai Q-80 sequencer and had to make a quick lunge over to turn the Q-80’s “alpha wheel” to the correct song. As you can see, it took a little bit of time to accomplish that and it resulted in an awkward silence…if you listen hard enough, I think you can hear crickets chirping.

Here is that comedy nugget for all to enjoy…

Stop the Violence…and start the sequencer!