What’s that noise?

I found another TMC + The New Generation moment that made me fall down laughing.

For one reason or another, it seems that at least once during each of our shows a sound came out of one of our keyboards that wasn’t supposed to be there. One time, a menacing bass line in a song called “Death Row” came out as bells.

But on one occasion, which was captured on video and can be seen at the link below (or by clicking on this post’s headline), a saxophone started playing wildly at the end of a song called “Don’t Die Poor.”

Now, I’m not 100-percent sure of this, but I think this is what happened…as “Don’t Die Poor” was coming to an end, Christian wanted to load his sampler with the sounds he needed for the next song — and that included a sax.

Unfortunately, when the sax sound loaded, it was on the same MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) channel as a percussion sound that was still playing. I don’t want to get into a explanation of how MIDI works, so I’ll just say that because the two sounds were on the same channel, the sax sound came out as the percussion part (which was still playing underneath the sax sound in the mix).

Now, it may not be as funny to somebody who doesn’t know the song, but — to me — it sounds pretty obvious that the sax part was not supposed to be there.

As Homer Simpson would say, “Bring on the saxamaphone!”