When microphones…and dancers…attack!

OK…I promise this is going to be the last TMC + The New Generation post…at least for awhile. But I keep finding things that make me laugh and here is another…

As I mentioned in the post titled Remember TMC + The New Generation, we played at this local cable MDA telethon in the summer of 1989 and hilarity ensued.

In this video clip, you can see things I discussed in the previous post…our rapper’s brothers dancing away and the crack in the door that allowed the clowns who were present to look into the studio just as we started to play.

But this video also includes the tail end of our variant (I wouldn’t even call it a cover version) of Elvis Presley’s “Teddy Bear,” a close up of me — with the look of a serial killer — and my scraggly quasi-mullet, and my microphone boom swinging wildly towards host Johnny Cal at the end of the song (but note my excellent recovery!).