Overshadowed Originals and Classic Covers: “Hallelujah”

The third installment in my five-part series of posts on Overshadowed Originals and Classic Covers looks at “Hallelujah.”

The version of this song recorded by the late, great Jeff Buckley is regarded by some music authorities as one of the greatest recordings of all-time. Strangely, Buckley’s take is based on John Cale’s cover of the song, which appeared on a 1991 tribute album to the song’s writer/original performer, Leonard Cohen.

Buckley’s version eventually inspired a number of covers based on his version of the song.

So while Cohen’s original 1984 version hasn’t exactly been overshadowed, as it gets played often enough in its own right, the popularity of and the accolades bestowed upon Buckley’s rendition makes the song eligible for this project.

Note: Although the videos are embedded below, you’ll have to click on the links to watch these on YouTube itself…sorry.

Leonard Cohen – “Hallelujah” (1984 original)

Jeff Buckley – “Hallelujah” (1994 cover)

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