Overshadowed Originals and Classic Covers: “Broken Arrow”

The fourth part of this five-part series on Overshadowed Originals and Classic Covers takes a look at “Broken Arrow,” which was made into a hit by Rod Stewart, who recorded it for his 1991 album, “Vagabond Heart.”

But the song was written and originally recorded by Robbie Robertson — formerly of The Band — for his 1987 self-titled debut solo album.

Unfortunately, the official videos for these songs are not on YouTube, but you can hear the two versions in the videos embedded below (the Robbie Robertson version needs to be viewed on YouTube…you can watch by clicking the link in the title above the video or the link that shows up when you try to play it here).

Robbie Robertson – “Broken Arrow” (1987 original)

Rod Stewart – “Broken Arrow” (1991 cover)