Tandem With The Random 009 – 05.16.2011

Tandem With The Random 009 – 05.16.2011

This installment of the Tandem With The Random podcast features an interview with Katie Musar, an assistant director of university housing at James Madison University who recently returned from New Orleans, where she took part in her second Habitat for Humanity project. Other topics covered include Doctor Who, the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival and a special wedding anniversary. File Size: 11.1 MB. Time: 23 min, 04 sec. Hosted by Brian Kelley.


One thought on “Tandem With The Random 009 – 05.16.2011

  1. would you be surprised to hear that i haven’t listened to the podcast yet?
    it’s b/c i don’t like to hear my recorded voice
    very mature, i know

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