Show Notes for TWTR Podcast 010 – 06.06.2011

Art All Night logoTandem With The Random podcast No. 10 (6/6/2011) features an interview with April Sette, co-director of Art All Night, a 24-hour arts and music community event taking place June 18-June 19 in Trenton, N.J. Other topics covered include the Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival, a meet & greet with Nicole Atkins & The Black Sea, and a Doctor Who update. File Size: 7.9 MB. Time: 17 min, 04 sec. Hosted by Brian Kelley.

Interact with Tandem With The Random:

More info on Art All Night and its parent organization, Artworks:

And some additional links mentioned during Brian’s random thoughts…

A video tour of Art All Night 2010…