Tandem With The Random’s “Doctor Who” special goes online Nov. 18

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor
Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor (BBC/Doctor Who)

The special Tandem With The Random podcast dedicated solely to Doctor Who, in honor of the British science fiction television program’s 50th anniversary on Nov. 23, will be online early on the morning of Monday, Nov. 18.

It will feature a recent interview with Louis Trapani, founder of the Gallifreyan Embassy web site and producer/co-host of the Doctor Who: Podshock podcast, as well as archived interviews from earlier this year with Decoder Ring Theatre’s Gregg Taylor and Sam Tomaino and Kim Neighbor of the Prydonians of Prynceton.

I would like to thank Louis, Gregg, Sam and Kim for their time and making this special episode possible.