Show Notes for TWTR Podcast 027 – 11.18.2013 (Doctor Who @ 50)

The Day of the Doctor (BBC/Doctor Who)
The Day of the Doctor (BBC/Doctor Who)

Tandem With The Random podcast No. 27 (11/18/2013): Doctor Who @ 50 – This episode of the podcast celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic BBC science fiction television program, Doctor Who, and features interviews with Louis Trapani of and the Doctor Who: Podshock podcast, Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre, and Sam Tomaino and Kim Neighbor of the Prydonians of Prynceton…plus a few random thoughts. File size: 11.4 MB. Time: 47 min, 20 sec. Host: Brian Kelley.

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The Day of the Doctor – Extended Trailer

Doctor Who “50 Years”/The Day of the Doctor Trailer