Podcast status for 2015

So…we’re about to enter 2015 and the last four times the calendar has turned to January, I have brought back the Tandem With The Random podcast for another season.

But this year is a little different. The full-time job I started in August 2014 doesn’t allow me the flexibility I used to have in conducting research and interviews. I also have limited time to work on the episodes themselves. Plus, I may be doing some behind-the-scenes production work for a couple of side projects.

More importantly, my wife and I have a second son on the way in late February/early March, so that will further limit time to devote to this little hobby of mine.

But I want TWTR to continue so I’m going to try a new format that doesn’t rely so much on interviews–although I may try to conduct a few “virtual” interviews by e-mailing questions to people and asking them to record their responses into a digital file they can send back to me.

For the most part, though, I envision the 2015 version of TWTR to be short, story-based episodes featuring mostly just me talking. This way, I’m not waiting on interviews and can get a few of these “in the can” and ready to post before the new baby comes along.

Stay tuned…and Happy New Year!