Podcast to return January 26 after “No-Hit Wonders” blog series

The retooled Tandem With The Random podcast will return Monday, January 26, 2015, and will feature a discussion based on a series of blog posts the preceding week (January 19-23) focusing on “No-Hit Wonders”–now-defunct music acts who produced songs that became favorites of TWTR podcast host Brian Kelley without ever garnering mainstream “hit” status.

There are so many “No-Hit Wonders” to choose from, but the blog series will focus on these:

  • Pitty Sing – “Radio” – Monday, January 19
  • Lost Tricks – “All Around U” – Tuesday, January 20
  • Fossil – “Moon” – Wednesday, January 21
  • Oppenheimer – “OK, Let’s Take This Outside” – Thursday, January 22
  • Winter Gloves – “Invisible” – Friday, January 23

Stay tuned.